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New! Online CAIB & FOI Exams - FAQ's

posted on August 7, 2020

What is an online exam?

An online exam is an exam you take on the computer. Instead of writing the answers on paper, you will type and submit them online.


Has the structure of the CAIB/FOI exams changed?

No, the structure remains the exact same

FOR CAIB: definitions, multiple choice, and short answer questions. It will look exactly like the paper exam, only online.

FOR FOI: 100 multiple choice


Is the exam now open book?

No, it is not an open book exam.


When are the online exam dates?

There are no longer specific exam dates. Instead of IBAN telling students when they can write, students will decide their exam date. 


Written exams for CAIB were held from 9:00am-12:30pm, does this remain the same?

No, students now determine when they would like to write. Students can choose anytime between 11:30am-9:30pm, Monday-Friday. 


Does the time frame change?

No, you still have 3.5 hours to write your CAIB exam and 2 hours to write FOI


Can I still take a written exam?

No, all CAIB & FOI exams will be moving online, therefore IBAN will no longer be offering written exams.


Who can proctor my exam?

Until further notice, students will be required to ask a supervisor, manager or broker principal to proctor their exam. The proctor's name, email, and phone number must be emailed to for approval by the IBAN office.


When can I expect my exam mark?

Please give 1-2 weeks for your mark for CAIB. FOI will be marked the day you write. You can login to and click My Courses to find your mark. You will not be emailed, so it is your responsibility to check the site.


Can I defer my exam once I have booked it?

Since students now chose their own date, we are not accepting deferrals. The exception is an emergency.


How do I pay for the exam?

You pay directly when you register for the exam. You can choose credit card or invoice. If you choose credit card you can either enter the number, or have someone call in the number. Please Note: You must call Captus Press, they aren't going to phone you for the number. If you choose invoice, the cheque must be received and processed before you can write. If payment is not received before you exam date, you aren't permitted to write.



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