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Uninsured Automobile Coverage

Newfoundland has changed the way in which innocent victims of uninsured drivers are protected. Judgment Recovery (Nfld.) Ltd. has been replaced.

Now, for accidents which occur on or after July 1, 1994, protection is provided by your own car insurance company as part of the standard automobile policy. It’s called Uninsured Automobile Coverage.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage Benefits

If you, your spouse or dependents living at home, or any of your passengers are injured in Newfoundland by an uninsured vehicle, or by a hit-and-run vehicle, benefits up to $200,000.00 are available, if the driver of that vehicle was responsible for the accident.

Damage to your own car and contents, including the cost of a temporary replacement automobile, are also covered if you can identify the uninsured driver. There is a deductible of $250.00.

Any accident benefit payments which are made will be deducted from the benefits that your uninsured motorist coverage will pay.

Victims of uninsured automobiles who are not covered by an automobile policy will be protected by the uninsured Automobile Fund, a fund operated by and financed by the automobile insurance industry.

Some Limits to Coverage

If an accident occurs outside Newfoundland benefits are limited to the minimum liability limits in that province or state and may not exceed the Newfoundland limits.

Your uninsured automobile coverage only takes effect if there is no claim that can be made against a third party liability policy or, if outside Newfoundland, an unsatisfied judgment fund.

Benefits will not be paid to anyone operating an uninsured vehicle.

More Information is Available

If you would like to examine the actual wording of the Uninsured Automobile Coverage it can be supplied by any representative of Steers Insurance Limited.

If you have a claim against the coverage you should report it to your broker or company as soon as possible.

For more information on this or any general insurance issue you may also call the Insurance Bureau of Canada, 1-800-565-7189.

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